Stop Avoiding! We Need to Approach Negative Emotions

And use one of our greatest tools to heal.

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It’s called Being Mindful of An Emotion

Mindfulness of Emotion is a skill which springs from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, an intensive form of cognitive therapy which emphasizes Mindfulness and borrows principles from Zen Buddhist philosophy.

“Breathe” I tell myself. “Just breathe.”

I lay in bed, put my hand on my chest and again, watch the rise and fall of my breath.

Where do we find answers?

A big part of my day job as Recovery Counselor, includes running Wellness groups which include Mindfulness and Chair Yoga. We often touch upon approaching our negative feelings with openness and curiosity.

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Our most critical and negative thoughts often spring from people who had their own issues and decided to use us to work them out.

The important point is no one I know treats me this way anymore. It took me quite some time to learn to stick up for myself, but I guess, better late than never.

What does this mean if you’re in Recovery?

Recovery, of course, doesn’t mean you never have bad days. It means you’ve grown up enough to know yourself and your triggers.

The emotional wreckage of my twenties is illuminating my thirties with insights.

Nestled in these hellish thorns and demon whispers are seedlings of ideas. I intend to grab them as I always have, knowing that I may get sliced and scraped, but that’s why we have First Aid.

I’m a Peer Support Counselor/ Mental Health Content Writer

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